Digital photography –which technology is best suited in future for top quality - CCD or CMOS.


Prof. Dr. Werner Sobotka

Dean for the College of photography and multimedia Vienna

President of the Vienna Photographic Society

President of the research organization for graphic arts and media Vienna

( VFG )


The paper is dealing about the different capabilities of CCD and CMOS technology for image sensors in digital cameras. The principle of both systems will be explained and also the main differences are pointed out and advantages and disadvantages are listed. Different types of CMOS and CCD sensors will be discussed and their color reliability and color performance and also speed options will be pointed out. CMOS and CCD technologies will be the main options in future for color reproduction and both technologies are getting better and better and therefore a lot of prepress technology steps will be eliminated in future. The direct way from the camera to the digital printing machine is coming sooner as the graphic art experts are expecting.